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Helpful FAQ

WHAT ARE BRANDING GIFs? Artful... eye-catching glimpses of your brand (via AdModX Designs) that you put out over & over so others see (and even share) — over & over
WHY THE LOW PRICE? Simple! Any member of ANY team should be able to have one
HOW DO YOU ORDER BRANDING GIFs? You order Branding GIFs on your own Team Page Learn More

FREE! 1-Page Setup: Our FREE Team Page is the setup we require for you (and every member of your team) to order Branding GIFs
PRO! 2-Page Setup (Paid): PRO has the Order Page plus your own "Grab & Share" Page (where the whole team stores, displays, and initiates sharing of all team GIFs)

CAN YOU ORDER MORE THAN ONE BRANDING GIF? Absolutely! Our Signature Designs are set up to deliver brand-continuity (specific to YOUR brand) regardless the design
YOU RECEIVED YOUR ORDER... NOW WHAT? Download your Branding GIF, then use it just like a photo (post it, tweet it, email it, text it, etc.)
WHAT IS "GRAB & SHARE"? Grab & Share (the key to our PRO Setup) is where all your team's Branding GIFs are available in one spot for anyone who wants to help put your brand out (ADMODX GIFs ONLY, NO MP4s). It's a springboard for team friends & supporters to catapult your brand into new sharing — in new places
IS "GRAB & SHARE" REQUIRED TO SHARE BRANDING GIFS? No, but Grab & Share offers a tremendous advantage! It serves as a much needed go-to spot where friends / supporters can stop by (anytime) and drop Branding GIFs into popular GIF-friendly spaces — a huge assist to your sharing & branding efforts
HOW DO YOU PUT BRANDING GIFs "OUT"? Upload / insert (just like a photo) into any GIF-friendly space... simple as that. First download your Branding GIF from "Grab & Share" (or GIF-order email). Then upload / insert (like a photo) into GIF-friendly spaces. Done... ready for others to see & share
WHAT ARE GIF-FRIENDLY SPACES? GIF-friendly spaces are social platforms that support our Branding GIFs' (gif) format. Some of the more popular "GIF-friendlies" are: Email — Facebook — Reddit — Text — Tumblr — Twitter — Blogs / Websites
WHAT ABOUT "NO-GIF" SPACES? Instagram and Linkedin are notable platforms that don't support GIFs (but accept MP4s). Put Branding GIF designs in "No-GIF" spaces by including an MP4 in your Branding GIF order (small add'l. fee). Then insert your MP4 into the "No-GIF" space. MP4s CANNOT BE ORDERED AFTER GIF-ORDERS ARE SUBMITTED
IS THERE MORE TO KNOW? Always! Click More on Posting GIFs (or) google "post GIFs on ___" (fill-in-the-blank)
BEST ADVICE? Branding GIFs are part of a strategy... they're not THE strategy. Don't over do it. Encourage sharing to maximize visibility when you do put your GIFs out there

Go (Full) Enterprise!!! employees (corporate-wide) promote themselves, the biz, & the brand... all over

"Natural Fit for Corporate / Franchise Marketing." Imagine your entire corporate enterprise (employees, agents, reps, consultants, etc.) collectively posting their individual Branding GIFs (same branded-look) to the same social media platform on the same day at about the same time... then repeating that same scenario, anytime you feel like it. THAT'S a powerful branding statement! It's Branding 101 (repetitive consistency)... on a colossal scale. Got 500+ employees, agents, reps, etc. corporate-wide? Contact Us!