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“Bring Your Brand To Life!”

Media $1999

“Every Member Of
Your Team Should
Have One”

1 GIF / Order (incl. MP4... $5)

— Incl. MP4 for IG / Linkedin —


$$$ for Agents! Order 'Home' media... Bill clients up to 10x-more

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Team Gallery

“Grab It & Share It”

Post it! Tweet it! Email it! Text it!...
Do's: 1) Tap-hold-'Save' use later in apps 2) Tap-hold-'Copy' put url in facebook 3) Save MP4 (from order-email); use in 'no-GIF' spaces IG / Linkedin

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Helpful Info

EASY TO USE: Treat it just like a photo
ALL ORDERS: 1 GIF (optional... MP4 for 'no-GIF' spaces like IG / Linkedin)
Post ALL MEDIA via Mobile: except email
'GIF-FRIENDLY' SPACES: To start, save GIF to photos (from Gallery, above, or from order-email)... then:

Email: Direct Upload (laptop)
Facebook: Create Link from URL in Gallery above… [tap+hold 'copy' url] (or) [tap+hold 'open image in new tab' > copy url from new tab]
Google+: Direct Upload
Reddit: Direct Upload
Text: Direct Upload, Copy-n-Paste (from Gallery)
Tumblr: Direct Upload
Twitter: Direct Upload, Copy-n-Paste (from Gallery)

'NO-GIF' SPACES: Use MP4 instead (save from order-email to photos)

Instagram: Direct Upload → (see) Don't Crop MP4 When Posting
Linkedin: Direct Upload

PLUS: More on Posting GIFs (or) google "post GIFs on ___" (fill-in-the-blank)
STRATEGIZE: Our media is not "the" answer... it's part of the answer. Add it to what you're already doing.
DON'T OVER DO IT: Post periodically... encourage sharing to maximize visibility when you do post.