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Great to Know!!!...

WHAT ARE BRAND-TAGS? Eye-catching... artful glimpses of your brand (via Our Designs) you put out over & over so others see (and even share) — over & over
WHY THE LOW PRICE? Simple! Members of ANY team should be able to own one
HOW DO YOU ORDER BRAND-TAGS? You order Brand-Tags on your own Team Page Learn More

FREE! (1-Page Setup): Our FREE Team Page is necessary so you (and every member of your team) can order Branding-Tags (1 Team Page per Biz)
PRO! (2-Page Setup, Paid): Our PRO Team Page consists of your Order Page PLUS your own "Grab & Share" Page (where the whole biz stores, displays, and initiates sharing of all the biz's "Tags")

CAN YOU ORDER MORE THAN ONE BRAND-TAG? Absolutely! "Tags" (in our Signature Brand-Tag Collection) are set up to deliver brand-continuity (specific to YOUR brand) regardless the "Tag". Go for it
YOU RECEIVED YOUR "TAG" ORDER... NOW WHAT? Your Brand-Tag is delivered in 2 file formats (GIF & MP4). Download both files, THEN use the files as follows:

GIF-file: Upload to "Grab & Share" (PRO Only)... OR... Upload / insert (like a photo) directly into "GIF-friendly" spaces. Done!... ready for others to see & share
Put GIF-file in "GIF-friendly" spaces like... Email... Facebook... Reddit... Text... Tumblr... Twitter... Blogs / Websites
MP4-file: DO NOT UPLOAD TO "GRAB & SHARE"!!! Upload / insert directly into "no-GIF" spaces. That simple!... ready for others to see & share
Put MP4-file in "no-GIF" spaces like... IG and Linkedin

WHAT IS "GRAB & SHARE"? "Grab & Share" (the nexus of our PRO Setup) is where your whole team's Brand-Tags (GIF FILES ONLY! NO MP4s) are available in one spot for anyone who wants to help put your brand out. It's a springboard for team friends & supporters to catapult your brand into new sharing — in new places
IS "GRAB & SHARE" REQUIRED TO SHARE BRAND-TAGS? No, but "Grab & Share" offers a tremendous advantage! It serves as a much needed go-to spot where friends & supporters can stop by (anytime) and drop Brand-Tags into popular GIF-friendly spaces — a huge assist to your sharing & branding efforts
HOW DO YOU PUT BRAND-TAGS "OUT"? Upload / insert appropriate "Tag" file (gif / mp4) DIRECTLY into platform of choice (email, text, social, etc.)... simple as that. Direct uploads ensure Brand-Tags autoplay in feeds, which grabs attention... creating more opportunity for seeing & sharing
IS THERE MORE TO KNOW? Always! Click More on Posting GIFs (or) google "post GIFs on ___" (fill-in-the-blank)
BEST ADVICE? Brand-Tags are part of a strategy... they're not THE strategy. Don't over do it. Encourage sharing to maximize visibility when you do put your "Tags" out