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'PREMIERE'... your biz info, photo, logo & color

'SHOWTIME'... your biz info, photo, logo & color

'MARQUEE'... your biz info, photo, logo & color

How It Works!

1Get Free Team Page
...set up for individuals and entire teams

2Order GIFs via Page
...have basic biz info & your photo ready

3Share GIFs All Over
...post, tweet, email, text (like any photo)

Go (Full) Enterprise!!! employees (corporate-wide) promote themselves, the biz, & the brand... all over

A Natural Fit for Franchise Marketing Systems. Imagine your entire corporate enterprise (employees, agents, reps, consultants, etc.) collectively posting their individual Branding GIFs (same branded-look) to the same social media platform on the same day at about the same time... then repeating that same scenario, anytime you feel like it. THAT'S a powerful branding statement! It's Branding 101... on a colossal game-changing scale. Got 500+ employees corporate-wide? Contact Us!

Helpful FAQ...  (Tap!)

Helpful FAQ

WHAT'S A BRANDING GIF? It's a glimpse of your brand you put out over & over so others can see it and even share it... over & over
WHY THE LOW PRICE? Any member of ANY team should be able to have one
HOW DO YOU ORDER? You order Branding GIFs on your own Team Page Learn More

(FREE!) Team Page: Choose this option so you (and every member of your team) CAN ORDER & include Branding GIFs in your brand marketing strategy
Paid Team Page: 3 OPTIONS... Individual (covers 3 co-workers); Team-30 (covers 30 co-workers); and Team-50 (covers 50 co-workers). Paid includes priority fulfillment and "Grab & Share" Hub (single location where the whole team stores, displays, and shares all their GIFs)... where friends grab-n-share team GIFs into social networks in 1-click!
ENTERPRISE??? 500+ employees corp.-wide (agents, reps, consultants, etc.) strategically distributing their Branding GIFs is substantial branding power. Contact Us!

WHAT'S "GRAB & SHARE"? Hub (for GIFs ONLY) built into Paid Team Pages that allows GIFs to be shared (in 1-click) right off the Team Page straight into social media. It's like a public launching pad... all your team's Branding GIFs are available (in one spot) for anyone who wants to help you launch your GIFs into social networks
IS "GRAB & SHARE" A MUST TO SHARE BRANDING GIFS? No. Share Branding GIFs pretty much anywhere online in popular GIF-friendly spaces (see below)

Share W/O "Grab & Share" (in popular GIF-friendly spaces): First, do Step 1) save GIF to phone (or pc) from order-email... then, do Step 2 (below)
Email... Step 2) upload / insert GIF into email
Facebook... create Link → upload / insert GIF into your website / blog (or to site like giphy), then paste GIF's url into facebook post
Google+... Step 2) upload / insert GIF into google+
Reddit... Step 2) upload / insert GIF into reddit
Text... Step 2) upload / insert GIF into text (or) copy-n-paste (from playing GIF into text)
Tumblr... Step 2) upload / insert GIF into tumblr
Twitter... Step 2) upload / insert GIF into twitter (or) copy-n-paste (from playing GIF into twitter)

WHAT ABOUT "NO-GIF" SPACES (IG / LINKEDIN)? Include MP4 video (in GIF order, small fee) for "No-GIF" spaces. MP4 NOT AVAILABLE after order is submitted

Share in 'No-GIF' Spaces: Use MP4! (CANNOT ADD MP4s TO "GRAB & SHARE") First, do Step 1) save MP4 to phone (or pc) from order-email... then, do Step 2 (below)
Instagram... Step 2) upload / insert MP4 into instagram. Make sure MP4 is not cropped (tap round gray arrow icon in bottom-left corner of image preview to display full-GIF)
Linkedin... Step 2) upload / insert MP4 into linkedin

IS THERE MORE TO KNOW? Always! Click More on Posting GIFs (or) google "post GIFs on ___" (fill-in-the-blank)
BEST ADVICE? Branding GIFs are part of a strategy... they're not THE strategy. Don't over do it. Encourage sharing to maximize visibility when you do put your GIFs out there